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Dining Room Policies

Violations of the following policies may result in disciplinary actions, fines, or meal charges being levied against your student account.

  • All students dining on a meal plan must present their ID to the cashier or pay cash. Anyone wishing to enter the serving area without a student ID will be required to purchase their meal.
  • Per week meal plans are not transferable and may only be used to get a meal to feed the designated meal plan student. Declining balance purchases (blocks of 50 meals or 100 meals) may be used to pay for another person’s meal if the student possessing the balance presents their ID in person. Food is not permitted to be shared with anyone who has not purchased a meal.
  • All dishes are to be returned to the dish return area and placed on the conveyor. No dining room equipment is allowed to be removed from the dining room. This includes but is not limited to plates, glasses, silverware, trays, cups and serving utensils.
  • All food is to be consumed in the dining room. No food is allowed to be removed from the dining room without permission of the director of dining services. The exceptions to this rule are retail purchases made a la carte.
  • Shirts and shoes are required to be worn in the dining room area at all times.
  • Aggressive or inappropriate behavior, as defined in the student handbook, will not be tolerated in the dining room regardless of whether it is directed toward other students, faculty, or staff.
  • Rude and vulgar language should be avoided in all community locations of the university campus including the dining room.